On Wednesday the Staff at Centreville Tech will be giving away books. The give away will be for children participating in “Trunk or Treat with the Cops” on the Court House Square in Centreville between 6-8:00 p.m. on Wednesday October 31.
– “At Centreville Tech, we love children, we love books, and we love giving children books!”
– Sidewalk of Centreville Tech
   38 Court Square West
– Wednesday, October 31
– 6-8:00 pm
How Much:
– The books are absolutely FREE!
Josh Lambert, Kyle Shepherd & Madison Cormick of Centreville Tech will be giving away the books from their office on the Courthouse Square. Madison said “The books have been specially selected with quality in mind, and we have all kinds. We look for good books with engaging stories and beautiful illustrations; books that are fun, positive, and adventurous, or that handle more serious subjects well. We have oodles of storybooks perfect for bedtime. Children are natural learners, so we have junior cookbooks and books on card games and chess. And we love to include vintage books, too — like Trixie Belden, Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew mysteries, for a new generation. We have books on sports, animals, and crafts. We have offerings from classic beloved authors like Dr. Seuss, Beverly Cleary, and C.S. Lewis, as well as books folks may never have seen before that might become new favorites.”
Kyle Shepherd said that he was looking forward to seeing children out for the Trunk or Treat Event and added “So many moms and dads in our county are working hard just to keep food in the fridge, heat their homes, or get the supplies their children need for school. Books are a luxury for so many families. We want to see every child have books they can call their own, right in their bedrooms and living rooms. We want children to learn that books are their friends.”
“At Centreville Tech, we love children, we love books, and we love giving children books! We really hope moms and dads will bring their kids by and let them have fun hunting for just the right book they’ll treasure” according to Josh Lambert, an owner of Centreville Tech.