How Does Bibb County Rank In Voter Turnout?

Bibb County Above Average In Voter Turnout


For the June 5 2018 Primary Election 25.6% of voters statewide showed up at the polls or voted absentee. A total of 273,107 voted Democrat and 591,199 voted Republican. In Alabama there are currently 3,377,902 registered voters, as of the latest report from the Secretary of State.

In Bibb County 4,791 or 34.3% of registered voters cast ballots in the June Primary. 4,143 of those ballots were Republican and 648 were Democrat according to Bibb County Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer.

According to an article that appeared yesterday in Al.Com Bibb County ranked 25th in the State in highest voter turnout for the June primary. Greene County had the highest turnout at 50% and Lee County, had the lowest statewide turnout at 19% of registered voters.

Alabama has 67 counties. Many of the counties with higher voter participation than Bibb were in the State’s Blackbelt Region, including Greene, Perry, Wilcox, Hale, Dallas, Marengo, and Lowndes County.

The General Election is November 6. In 2016 the Statewide turnout for the General Election was 67% of registered voters.











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