The location for The Academy of Health Sciences has been disclosed to the Centreville Press, marking a significant step towards the goal of fostering health career pathways for our rural high school students. Set to be built on the lot adjacent to First US Bank in Centreville, near the Centreville Post Office, this groundbreaking initiative is a collaborative effort between The Bibb County Healthcare Authority, The Bibb County Board of Education, and public colleges.  

The Academy of Health Sciences is envisioned as a premier institution designed to equip high school students with the requisite skills and knowledge for thriving careers in health sciences. With a focus on hands-on learning facilitated by cutting-edge technology and equipment, students will explore diverse health careers, delve into medical terminology, grasp healthcare safety protocols, and understand the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology.  

This transformative program aims to provide a comprehensive pathway to steady and successful careers in healthcare, recognizing that many positions require only a two-year degree or certification. Through the Academy, students in the Bibb County School System will have the opportunity to commence their journey towards specific degrees, certificates, or licensure, paving the way for a fulfilling future in various healthcare fields. 

Internship opportunities are plenty within the Academy, spanning nursing, physical therapy, dietetics, radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, and more. This hands-on experience will not only enrich students’ learning but also afford them valuable real-world exposure, further solidifying their career aspirations.  

Shelton State Community College (SSCC) has secured a grant of nearly three million dollars to establish a Healthcare Academy. This initiative, spanning campuses including Bibb Medical Center (BMC) and local high schools, will offer vocational and academic courses to students and community members alike. Notably, Healthcare Academy students will have the unique opportunity to work at BMC outside of school hours, earning while gaining experience in a healthcare setting. 

The proposed Healthcare Academy isn’t merely an educational institution; it’s a comprehensive support system. From targeted events and activities to tutoring, ACT preparation, career coaching, and placement services, every aspect is meticulously designed to empower participants, bridge skill gaps, and foster a robust healthcare workforce pipeline. 

The grant awarded to Shelton State Community College is not just a boost for Bibb County; it’s a benefit for rural communities statewide. This innovative program design, rooted in collaboration and community engagement, holds promise for replication across the nation. As a reliable industry partner, community colleges like SSCC are instrumental in ensuring students are adequately prepared for the demands of a dynamic healthcare system. 

Senator April Weaver’s unwavering advocacy for healthcare training in rural communities has been instrumental in realizing this vision. Her contributions have been pivotal in securing the legislation and funding essential for initiatives like the Healthcare Academy. 

As Bibb County takes on this transformative journey towards a brighter, healthier future, the unveiling of the Healthcare Academy location heralds the dawn of a new era. With steadfast dedication, innovative partnerships, and a shared vision of empowerment, the community stands ready to chart a course towards unparalleled success in the realm of healthcare education and workforce development.