By Patricia Latham 

RES Third Grade Teacher 

Grandparents’ Day Breakfast was an amazing experience at RES. The community came out to support this multigenerational gathering in a mighty way. Grandparents and other family members were all smiles as they enjoyed their time eating and visiting at the school. Over 230 guests prepaid and many more paid at the door. We were abundantly blessed to have so many who were able to be at the school for an early start to such a happy day. 

Thank you to our cafeteria staff who did an unbelievable job preparing and serving so many guests before eight o’clock in the morning! We are blessed to have such a wonderfully devoted team. 

Many students prepared special art and craft projects as gifts for their grandparents as special reminders of the day. RES teachers and staff loved hosting our community for such a special day. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success!