USAF Veteran Pilot Recalls the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

The Similarities Between the 1962 Crisis & Today's Events on the Ukraine/Russia Front


Walter C. Williams, a resident of Bibb County, Alabama retired from the United States Air Force after serving as a pilot during the Viet Nam war and earlier, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

He sat down with Centreville Press editor David Daniel to discuss his views on the similarites of the Cuban Missile Crisis and today’s conflict going on in Ukraine and the potential eruption of a global war with Russia that could trigger a nuclear war involving the United States.

Walt’s view of the crisis is riveting and unique. While the politicians were negotiating he was sitting in the pilot seat of a B-52 bomber, armed with nuclear bombs, awaiting orders from the White House to deliver his payload and drop nuclear bombs at any time on the Soviet Union.