SEATTLE, WA – Charge-Up USA is thrilled to announce the launch of their new podcast and YouTube show, “Go Electric.” Hosts Josh Lambert, an Alabama native, and Robb Monkman, a Washington native, will be covering some of the most interesting topics around electrification and Go Electric is looking at all angles of the cleantech revolution. Each episode features interviews with pioneers that are making an impact helping our environment. Guest of the show include, electric vehicle (EV) automakers, financiers, EV charging station manufacturers, industry associations, and other experts that are making the world cleaner and greener for future generations. The goal of the podcast is to spread awareness about all the incredible things that are helping to change our world for the better.

Co-Host Josh Lambert said, “I’ve been blessed to live in a biologically diverse part of the nation, and I know there is a looming threat to our way of life being upturned by climate change. I’m excited to speak with others like me who are leading the way to a greener and more economical way of living.” Fellow Co-Host, Robb Monkman said, “I am most excited to be talking to other entrepreneurs that are helping to improve our environment and our communities.”

Both Robb and Josh believe that electrification is both great for the environment and good for economic development. “I’ve seen the cleantech economic impact first hand in my community after the opening of our local EV battery assembly facility. The electrification movement will be a major economic driver helping create good paying jobs and improving our environment for generations to come. I’m excited to be along for the ride,” Josh said.

Green industries will not only make a positive impact on our environment, but will also create new jobs and opportunities.

Recent episodes of Go Electric have featured interviews with guests including:

  • Amy Barzdukas, CMO of Witricity, recently joined the podcast to discuss wireless EV charging and how it works, the benefits and efficiencies of wireless charging, innovations in the wireless charging space, the types of job openings that exist at Witricity, and some of the key use cases and companies taking advantage of wireless EV charging today.
  • Mel Clark, President, and CEO of CleanTech Alliance. CleanTech Alliance is committed to developing businesses and jobs that contribute to a greener planet. CleanTech Alliance helps people from many industries interact and cooperate as we work toward a clean energy economy. CleanTech Alliance has over 1100 member organizations.

Other guests on Go Electric have included:

  • Richard Gonzales of Ygrene discusses PACE financing and their role in funding green and cleantech. Ygrene offers an alternative option for financing energy-efficient and sustainable energy renovations.
  • David Greschler, CEO and co-founder of Nomad Go talks about how their computer vision technology is helping organizations and buildings reduce their carbon emissions and reach their climate change goals.
  • Guillaume Bernhardt is the CEO and co-founder of R3charge. R3charge offers and promotes EV-friendly hotels around the world and supports the electric vehicle revolution. R3charge offers detailed information about more than 10,000 hotels that offer charging facilities or have access to public charging stations.

Tune Into Go Electric!

If you’re passionate about electrification and cleantech and want to learn about the positive impact that people are making, be sure to tune into Go Electric. Be sure to subscribe by clicking the links below so you don’t miss a beat.

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Robb and Josh hope that Go Electric listeners will catch the excitement around electrification as they hear from experts who are leading the way to improve our environment. Guests of the podcast represent the backbone and future of the electrification and cleantech transformation.

About Go Electric

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