McGee and Oakley Discuss How the Rest of the School Year Will Look for Students, Parents, and Teachers

Superintendent Duane McGee and BOE President Mike Oakley talk about the new relationship between students, parents, and teachers - and how the coronavirus event will affect education.


Tuesday, March 31,2020 — With many parents wondering about specific plans of how the rest of this school year will work for their children – how will they get and complete assignments, how will they get help if the parent doesn’t know the material, how will they get lunches, and many more questions – Board of Education President Mike Oakley and Superintendent of Schools Duane McGee joined me on a video conference meeting this morning to answer some of these and help put minds at ease.

This is a podcast-length, three-way video chat. In it, questions are presented such as:

  • When and how will schools provide meals to students?
  • How will special needs students with IEP’s have their cases handled?
  • How will tests be done the rest of this year?
  • What of graduations?
  • Will additional resources be provided to teachers and parents?
  • What if parents need help explaining a lesson, or doesn’t understand it themselves?
  • Is this distance learning situation an indicator of the future of education?
  • Will this situation spur the creation of infrastructure in the form of rural broadband internet, which isn’t available to the majority of Bibb County students?

Watch the whole 44 minutes for answers to these and more.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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