Financing New Construction

Commissioners approved a loan through First US Bank for the construction of the new Bibb County Courthouse Annex. The loan will be for $1.1 million over seven years at 3.2% interest. “Of course we are using our own money first,” County Administrator Derek Reeves said, “but we need to go ahead and get this set up so we can get things going.”

The Permanent Education Tax

The Commission passed Resolution 2019-9 last year amid some controversy. 2019-9 makes the county sales tax that benefits schools – previously voted on to run out in 2027 – permanent, with provision to give part of the revenues to the County instead of all of it going to the school system alone.

On February 24, 2020, Commissioners passed Resolutions 2020-6 and 2020-7, which will ratify 2019-9, and make 2019-9 go into effect on May 1, 2020, respectively.

Commissioner Keefe Burt made the motion to pass 2020-6 and 2020-7. “As bad as I hate this, and as opposed as I am to it, I’ll make a motion that we pass this,” Burt said Monday night. Commissioner Burt was the most vocal opponent to passing the tax into permanency without giving the public a chance to vote on it, as was done when the tax was first enacted.

EMS Payment

Distribution to AmServ EMS and Ambulance for the month of January, 2020, totaled to $7,533.85. With only 319 total calls, including 39 transports, 54 dialysis, 14 rolled and 28 no truck calls.

Roads Updates and Payments

County Engineer Jeff McKinney informed the Commission that the dump truck rolling onto its side last week (see BV article here) brought a $5,900 bill from McKinney Wrecker. Having recovered the truck with minimal damage, thus saving many thousands of dollars beyond this amount, Commissioners approved payment of the invoice.

The Coldwater Road project has taken longer than expected due to weather conditions. As such, engineering and inspection costs have gone beyond the original estimate. McKinney presented an invoice to the Commission from BKI in the amount of $10,407 of additional services. Although this would be a reimbursable amount for the project, the federal funds remaining in county coffers have been exhausted on this project, and with no more coming in, this overage is an amount the county will simply have to cover.

Other Items

County EMA Director Kirk Smith would like to remind everyone that the next Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting will take place this Thursday, February 27. He also reminded that due to cancellation because of weather, the Active Shooter Training that was canceled has been rescheduled for March 31. It will still be held at the Board of Education Auditorium.

The County Administrator requested that the Commission approve the Assistant County Administrator to attend a class on Finance and Revenue. This class will cost $185 plus travel expenses, and was approved by the Commission.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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