It was a hot October evening in Jemison, and vehicles from Bibb crowded the parking lot and roadsides around the high school, making it a long walk into their unique three sided stadium. The crowd for their homecoming game seemed to reasonably fill their stands, but no more than the crowd on the visitors’ side, where the Choctaws faithful showed up almost as readily as to a home game.

Cheerleaders and fans lined up in each end of the field, holding the giant paper walls. The teams crashed through to fight songs from bands on both sides, and the game was on. It didn’t take long to see how the night was going to go for the Jemison Panthers, however.

By the end of the first quarter BCHS was up 14-0. The boys poured on the domination during the second quarter, keeping it mostly on the ground and in the hands of reliable running backs. The halftime buzzer sounded and the scoreboard read 42-0.

After entertainment from Jemison and Bibb bands, the game got back underway, if at a slightly slower pace. Choctaws continued to rule the gridiron, however, adding another 6 during the third quarter, and finally wrapping up the night with another touchdown with only 3:17 left in the game.

All in all, it was a rough homecoming for the Jemison Panthers, and a show of force from a dominant BCHS Choctaws team. The Choctaws came into the game ranked 7th in the state in 5A. We will see what a crushing 54-0 victory will do to that ranking.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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