Mr. Larry’s Magic Show Brings Adventure to BES  

By Savannah Logan  


Brent Elementary School was buzzing with excitement on Tuesday, June 18, as Mr. Larry’s Magic Show took center stage, presented through the Brent-Centreville Public Library’s summer program. The event, open to the public, began at 10:30 a.m. and was a delightful blend of magic, puppetry, and a celebration of reading. 

Mr. Larry, known for his engaging performances, based his magic show on the theme of adventure, which he defined as “an activity usually involving danger or unknown risks; an exciting or remarkable experience.” With his puppet pals Dudley the bird and Winston the dog, he captivated the young audience with a series of mesmerizing magic tricks, some linked to the wonders of reading, others just to be silly.  

Dudley the bird was full of his usual shenanigans, always showing up where he shouldn’t be – which sent the kids into giggle fits that were truly contagious. When it came to Winston the dog, Mr. Larry did his best to teach him a magic trick to show the kids how you can always learn something new. However, Mr. Larry couldn’t make much progress since Winston somehow kept stealing his ball, which the kids exclaimed was a magic trick after all!  

“There is magic in reading!” Mr. Larry enthusiastically told the children, as he performed tricks and highlighted various books, demonstrating how many adventures await in the pages of a book. The children were fully engaged and excited, their eyes lighting up with each magical moment. Mr. Larry shared with the kids about Flat Stanley, Where’s Waldo, Harry Potter, and even the Treasure Hunters series by James Patterson.  

Throughout the show, Mr. Larry encouraged the kids to not only embark on adventures through reading but also to explore new skills and interests over the summer, since learning something new can be an adventure too. He emphasized the wealth of information available at their local library, inspiring them to learn and grow beyond the classroom. Perhaps they wanted to juggle, learn to sew or crochet, or anything else their imagination could come up with, the library was there to help point them in the right direction to learning more.  

“You can share your adventure with anyone,” Mr. Larry explained with excitement, leaving the children eager to dive into their next book and discover the magic of reading.