June 18, 2024 


My name is Walt Williams. I am a 93 year old Veteran US Air Force Pilot, retired.  


Many people in the United States of America are worried about the survival of our nation, as well they should be. I have added to my years of personal military experience by researching this subject extensively.  In addition, I have talked to many lawyers. My contacts agree that this nation’s current open border policy under the Biden Administration has allowed an unknown number of undesirables, including criminals and bona fide terrorists, inside our borders and has threatened our nation’s very survival. 


After Joseph Biden was sworn into office on January 20, 2021 he announced that he would reverse the border policies of the previous administration and that our borders are now open. From that day forward the Biden Administration has allowed anyone to walk across our border, to enter our country, with no conditions attached and without preventing our known enemies or worldwide terrorists from dispersing into our interior.  


Beginning in 2021, the Biden Administration has allowed millions of aliens to enter our country without being properly identified, documented, or vetted. The Administration has announced to the world that the United States will take care of border crossers. We’ll put you up. We’ll do this. We will provide you with multi-level forms of support, including transportation to the interior of our country, food, housing, cell phones, prepaid credit cards, and protection from our criminal laws. All of this is being done by executive fiat, at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer. 


The infamous open border, has allowed millions of unvetted illegal aliens into our country. These have included foreign soldiers, drug and human traffickers, members of notorious criminal gangs, and covert spies,  from some of our formidable and treacherous enemies, including China and other unfriendly countries.  


I believe that the Biden Administration has willfully and intentionally provided aid and comfort to our mortal enemies which is tantamount to treason under the laws and Constitution of the United States. Biden himself has willfully and knowingly breached his solemn presidential Oath of Office by his reckless failure to faithfully uphold and defend the laws and Constitution of the United States.  


My concern is for the survival of this great nation, and this is why I am presenting this to you for your consideration.  Every individual that I talked to about this subject is deeply concerned and I have not met one person that says our Country is not in grave danger. Everywhere I go, people believe that our nation is in dire straits, fighting for its for very survival. 


I believe there is an available solution and remedy to this problem. We The People, must all ask that  the United States Congress, consisting of the entire House and Senate, put aside partisan politics and self driven interests. Unite as the legislative branch of the government of the United States and bring this dangerous open border policy to an immediate end. The open border is a continuing threat to us all, including Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters alike.  


Remember first and foremost. Our survival as a sovereign nation is at risk.  Ask God to be with you in this endeavor. Pray for the wisdom to guide our nation and the strength to stand for righteousness.  


I am asking all of the citizens of this country to call on the men and women that were elected and sent to Washington to represent the best interests of the citizenry. Stand up for America,  get together and come up with a policy with the force of law, to end illegal immigration immediately. Time is of the essence. We cannot wait for the next election.  


About Walter Williams: 


In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Alabama native Walter Williams was the pilot in command of a 6 man B-52 bomber crew, attached to the Strategic Air Command operating out of Biggs AFB in El Paso, TX.   His crew routinely flew high alert, 24 hour missions, guiding a nuclear armed Stratofortress over territory from El Paso to the North Pole, arctic edge of the Soviet Union, back down the U.S. West Coast, then Eastward to the Rio Grande. After his B-52 assignment he moved on to fly the infamous F-105 Thunderchief fighter over the hostile skies of North Viet Nam between 1966-67. Williams retired from the USAF in 1977 with 20 years of service. He completed 81 successful live fighter missions over Vietnam and 10 over Laos.