Get Ready for “LOVESTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL” 2024 at Brierfield Ironworks State Park 


Rodney Burrow and George W. Stewart, two men from different ethnic backgrounds and upbringings, have faced significant challenges in building a relationship amidst the mental traumas society has imposed, which often fosters hate and division. Despite these barriers, they have discovered that true love transcends all obstacles threatening strong, healthy relationships. Through their unwavering commitment to breaking stereotypes, they exemplify true brotherhood daily.

Inspired by their desire to see such unity become a standard for humanity, the LOVESTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL was conceived from their hearts and minds. Lovestock is a music festival designed to bring together people from all walks of life, promoting unity, fellowship, and harmony. The festival aims to help attendees forge lasting relationships and establish a new paradigm for viewing others without judgment and prejudice. 


Join us on July 13th, 2024, for the 1st Annual Lovestock Music Festival at Brierfield Historical Park! Enjoy local entertainment and vendors, plus lots of activities for the kids. More details will be provided in a future edition of the Centreville Press. Come for fun and fellowship!