Through the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund, Brierfield Volunteer Fire & Rescue donated a ladder truck to be used by both the Centreville and Brent Volunteer Fire Departments.  

The Centreville Volunteer Fire Department gratefully received the donation of an aerial ladder truck, courtesy of the Brierfield Fire Department. This truck, originally donated by the Hoover Fire Department to Brierfield, has now found a new home where it will serve the communities of Centreville and Brent. 

Jeremy Chance, representing Brierfield Fire & Rescue, shared the story behind the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund. Named after a heroic firefighter who tragically lost his life on 9/11, the fund was established by his brother to support smaller, local fire departments. Through this initiative, larger city-funded departments pass down their equipment to rural and local departments after they receive upgrades.  

Chance also shared that an inter-department training day was held a few weeks ago where about 22 people from Brent, Montevallo, Brierfield, and Greenpond departments participated (from what he remembered – if any department was left out, it was not intentional), which he believed to be a first for Bibb County.  

Each department across Bibb County works tirelessly to ensure each citizen’s safety. Whenever you can, be sure to show and share your appreciation for all that they do!