Upcoming Bibb Extension Activities and Events

Don’t wait to register for events! Classes require 10 people to be held.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a program, contact our office at 205-926-4310 and tell us the program you are interested in, along with your email address and phone number, we will contact you when the date, time and location are set!


Bibb County Extension is also happy to provide programs to your school, business, civic, church, or non-profit organization! Most of our programs are free and we welcome everyone!


Thank you for your continued support of Bibb County Extension Programs!


In Person Events


Growing and Cooking with Herbs – Lunch & Learn

Monday, March 18, Noon – 1pm

BMC Wellness Center 285 Hospital Drive, Centreville

Join us to learn more about why fresh herbs are better for flavor and health, learn about the top 10 herbs: how to grow them, what parts of the plant should you use, what foods the individual herbs compliment, what other herbs they pair with and other tips on how to use them. We will finish with regional blends from around the world! Class is limited to 20 people!  Please pre-register by calling the Bibb Extension Office at 205-926-4310. Bring your lunch and join us!


Designing with Native Plants – Lunch & Learn
Monday, April 1st Noon-1pm
BMC Wellness Center 285 Hospital Drive, Centreville

An exciting account of how to design a garden using native plants. You will learn how to strengthen the sense of place and transition naturally from your current landscape to one rich with native plants. Learn the best native plants for spring and for fall. Discover how to replace invasive exotics, stabilize eroded areas, create privacy, provide nectar and landing spots for butterflies, birds, and bees, by using repetition, rhythm, size, and color. Learn how to create surprises in your garden and how to create, enhance, or block views. Discover new nativars and where to get them. Learn to think like a designer! Class is limited to 20 people!  Pre-register by contacting Bibb Extension at 205-926-4310. Bring your lunch and join us!


Container Gardening – Lunch and Learn

Monday, April 15th, Noon-1pm

BMC Wellness Center 285 Hospital Drive, Centreville

Container gardens are great for just a few vegetables on your patio or because arthritis in knees and back have prevented you from inground gardening. Class is limited to 20 people!  Pre-register by contacting Bibb Extension at 205-926-4310. Bring your lunch and join us!


Square Foot Gardening – Lunch & Learn  

Monday, April 29th Noon – 1pm

BMC Wellness Center 285 Hospital Drive, Centreville

Would you like to grow more vegetables with less work? Are you limited on space? Square foot gardening divides the growing area into small square sections. The number of plants per square depends on an individual plant’s size. Densely planted crops form a living mulch and can help prevent weeds from establishing and plant disease from spreading easily. Certified Square Foot and Master Gardener Henry Lucas will teach this great course! Class is limited to 20 people!  Pre-register by contacting Bibb Extension at 205-926-4310. Bring your lunch and join us!


Low Maintenance Gardening- Lunch & Learn

Monday, May 6th Noon-1pm – FREE!

BMC Wellness Center 285 Hospital Drive, Centreville

Most people hiring a garden designer ask for a low maintenance garden. Some don’t have the budget. Some don’t have the time. Some have trouble getting and keeping good help. Some have other things to do (like full-time jobs). Some just don’t like gardening! If you would like a few tips to reduce the maintenance in your garden, you will enjoy this program. You will go home with many ideas of plants that require very little maintenance. You may even get inspired to redesign your own garden for lower maintenance! Class is limited to 20 people!  Pre-register by contacting Bibb Extension at 205-926-4310 or online at https://www.aces.edu/event/lunch-learn-low-maintenance-gardening/  Bring your lunch and join us!


Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Thursday, May 16th, 10:30am-12:30pm FREE!

Brierfield Historic Ironworks Park, 245 Furnace Parkway Brierfield

Pruning removes unwanted growth to make a plant develop faster or respond in a desired manner. Appropriate pruning can produce more blooms and fruit, reinvigorate growth, develop the desired shape, or remove diseased and damaged parts. Learn the appropriate time of year and techniques to prune your trees and shrubs! Pre-register by contacting Bibb Extension at 205-926-4310.


Online Classes


Filing for Success

April 9th-18th Noon – 1pm,

  • Session 1: Different levels (City, County Federal) of taxes in which businesses are responsible. Different types of “Business Formation” and whether to file for a LLC. How to keep detailed financial records on costs & revenue.
  • Session 2: “The rules for name registration”. Walk you through the Secretary of State website and how to complete a name registration for your business. Difference between a LLC and a Sole Proprietorship. Next steps after filing and SCAMS to look for along the way.
  • Session 3: Business banking & Insurance. Importance of keeping personal and business finances separate, building a relationship with a lender & banker and proper record keeping techniques and software. Finally, business insurance: What are the different types and cost?
  • Session 4: Necessary licenses and permits, at all levels, for your business.


Alabama Smart Yards FREE!

Wednesdays, 1:00 pm

Register required at www.aces.edu/go/asywebinars

If you have questions about your yard or garden, this is the perfect way to get those questions answered! Throughout the year, the team will provide weekly, 30-minute segments on common gardening information, home pests, fruits, vegetables, wildlife, and much more. These live webinars are held every Wednesday, starting at 1pm for Smart Yard You can email questions and pictures to Alabamagardenchat@gmail.com which will be answered on the show.
March 20 — Why Did My Plant Die?
March 27 — Owning a Private Well in Alabama and Reporting Drought Conditions in Your Yard


Alabama Money Podcast

Listen at https://www.aces.edu/blog/series/alabama-money/

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s human sciences team is excited to launch the Alabama Money Podcast! Learn about Money Saving Tips such as how to save money on energy costs. Join us weekly or catch up on the podcast you missed!


Farming Basics – FREE

Register online at https://www.aces.edu/go/farmbasics

Alabama Farming Basics online course provides basic self-paced training related to horticultural crop production, organic farming and sustainable agriculture, integrated pest management, marketing, and food safety.


4-H Community Clubs

Clubs are FREE and open to all Bibb County youth ages 9-18. Youth ages 5-8 are welcome with an adult present. Adults are welcomed to apply to volunteer, contact Simon Carbone at 205-340-1159. You must provide your own transportation to club meetings. Water and snacks are provided. First time participants must pre-register by calling the Bibb County Extension Office at 205-926-4310.


Summer Camp Registration is open!  –

  • Teen Camp – May 29-31, Ages 14-18 years old. Openings are limited! You must have turned 14 on January 1, 2024 or before. $175 per student. Contact Simon Carbone at 205-340-1159.
  • Ages 9-13 years old. June 24-26th at the Alabama 4-H Camp in Columbiana! You must have turned 9 years old on January 1, 2024 or before. $175 per student. Contact Simon Carbone at 205-340-1159.

Forestry & Wildlife Club – The 4-H Forestry program helps youth to gain a strong understanding of trees, forest management, and environmental issues.  It also provides hands on learning experiences that helps individuals develop skills to become better managers of forested land. The program is available to all youth, ages 8-18. Meetings will take place at a variety of locations in Bibb County. Club members will also prepare for the State 4-H Forestry and Wildlife Contests in Summer 2024!

Homeschool Club – Open to all Bibb County youth ages 5—18. Meetings are the last Wednesday of each month at 1:00pm.  Topics include rocketry, arts & crafts, STEM and more!

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