Centreville Press Interview With Director Cam Ward, Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Parole


Bureau of Pardons & Parole Director and former State Senator Cam Ward stopped by The Centreville Press Office today to talk about changing times in his division, both good and bad, and the progress being made in the never ending fight to improve conditions and hope for the incarcerated and balance the voices demanding justice for the victims of crime in Alabama.

The informal interview covered a range of topics over about thirty minutes and we covered his plans for reducing recidivism, current issues revolving around sentencing reform, bail reform, crimes committed while out on bail, current challenges with the parole board, and criticisms of the system.

We began by talking about the new 720 bed facility that is just opening in Perry County to address technical violators in hopes of reducing recidivism rates in the prison system.

The video interview begins here and may be seen in its full length on the youtube link here: https://youtu.be/AYPMEMYMIQ4