According to Democratic Party organizer Hope Basil,  “In Senate District 14 and House District 73, the Republican incumbents have vacated their posts and now we have the unique opportunity to flip two seats away from GOP control!

The Democrats are calling their supporters across the two districts to turn out their voters on election day. Dems have established phone banks and training sessions for workers to canvass and talk to workers about the issues to turn out the vote for their candidates.

“These special elections are all about turnout,” Basil said. “If we cut through our state’s partisan divide and start talking about issues that really matter to voters, we will have a real shot at getting voters to the polls and electing Democrats!”

Republican voters cannot afford to stay at home on election day, July 13. The Democrats are working hard to defeat April Weaver and to win the race for HD 73 in Shelby County.

Voters in Bibb County and Chilton County should remember that every vote cast will matter since the election totals the votes cast in all three counties, Bibb, Shelby and Chilton, to determine the winner of the Special Election for Senate District 14.

Please get out the vote on election day July 13.