The GOP Primary runoff election held on July 14, 2020 was postponed from an earlier runoff date due to the COVID problem and pushed back to July. Lingering COVID concerns may have affected voter turnout yesterday or the low turnout could be attributed to other factors, such as voter apathy or disinterest in the races that appeared on the ballot.

Whatever the reason, out of 14,694 registered voters in Bibb County only 19% of them showed up at the polls yesterday. This is a surprisingly low number for Bibb County voters who usually turn up at a much higher rate.

July 14 Runoff Vote

In the only local race on the ballot C.W. West edged out his opponent Howard Franks with 57% of the vote.

In the Court of Criminal Appeals incumbent Beth Kellum garnered 64% of Bibb Votes and in the race for U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville got 67% of the Bibb votes. In reported Statewide results Kellum pulled 56% and Tuberville raked in 61% of the total votes cast.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser



Bibb County Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer

Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer, who manages all of Bibb County elections, said “the same amount of work goes into every election regardless of how many races are on the ballot or the amount of voter turnout. I appreciate the hours put in by the poll workers and inspectors, the Sheriff deputies who set up the poll sites, the county commission staff, the board of Registrars, the absentee ballot manager, and the probate office staff. We all hope for large voter turnout but we understand that we face unique challenges in current times that certainly affect voter participation.”

Judge Kemmer also commented “I want voters to know that if they are concerned about voting at polling sites that as long as there is a state of emergency voters can choose to vote absentee and select the “medical box”.

Municipal Elections will be held on August 25. A special election for House District 49 to replace the seat vacated by April Weaver will be held on August 4.