A group of students from Centreville Middle School were treated to a taste of Bibb County History yesterday by Board of Education Chairman Mike Oakley and local historian David Daniel.

The students first toured the historic Bibb County Chamber of Commerce building. This historic building was originally built to serve as the local GM&O railroad depot and was moved to its present location during the 1980’s to serve as the headquarters for the chamber.


Mike Oakley’s great-grandfather Mr. O.C. Oakley Sr. worked in the original Centreville train depot building as the railroad agent for the GM&O. During his 48 years with the railroad he never missed meeting a train. He died while at work on June 14, 1946 at the age of 66.




The students then enjoyed a tour of  the Bibb County Courthouse where noted local historian David Daniels talked about the history of Bibb County and displayed a personal collection of books related to Bibb.

Daniels also gave a short performance of the ancient art of shaped note singing for the attentive students and talked about Bibb County‘s role in the history of shaped note singing. No students were harmed in the process.

David Daniel is no stranger to shaped note singing and its Bibb County roots. If you would like to know more about shaped note singing follow some of the links in this article and below. There is much to learn.

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