The City of Centreville held a public hearing on Thursday, December 13, 2018 to give citizens an opportunity to comment on the re-zoning applications for two parcels of land at the intersection of Highway 219 (Birmingham Road) and U.S. 82. These parcels are on the Northwest and the Southeast Corners of that intersection.

The proposed re-zoning of the land at the Southeast Corner would classify the property for Business use. An owner of the property stated that the proposed use will be for a restaurant. There was no one present at the meeting to oppose the application.

Birmingham Road Construction

Construction is underway on land for the proposed re-zoning to commercial use on the Northwest corner. An owner of the property stated at the hearing that the building under construction on the property will be used for office space and for the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of wild game calls. One resident on Birmingham Road was at the meeting to oppose the re-zoning application. Two citizens spoke in favor of rezoning property along U.S. 82 for commercial use.

Mayor Terry Morton stated that the City Council will vote on the proposal to re-zone these two land parcels at a City Council meeting on December 18.