Yellowhammer News ran an article today suggesting that the popularity of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rapidly declining in Alabama. Former Senator Sessions has been a long-time favorite of people in Bibb County, at least until he became the United States AG and embroiled in Trump Politics.

The Yellowhammer News article, included some of the quotes below, outlines some of the criticism of Sessions:

“Once so popular that he ran unopposed for re-election to the Senate in both the Republican primary and in the general election, Attorney General Jeff Sessions now finds himself under fire from all sides.”

“Democrats across the country never much cared for him, and now Republicans hold him in low standing, as well.”

Steven Taylor, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Troy University, said he suspects Trump’s criticism of Sessions has sunk in with Republican voters.

“Democrats don’t like Sessions for a bunch of reasons,” he said.

The deteriorating relationship between Trump and Sessions has been one of the strangest stories of his presidency. Sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump. In addition to the credibility Trump gained at a time when he was trying to lock down the Republican nomination, Sessions also was the source of key staffers who helped guide the campaign.

Aide Stephen Miller wrote a number of Trump’s campaign speeches, including his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, and still works at the White House as a domestic policy adviser.

But even though Sessions has been successful in implementing Trump’s policies on issues ranging from illegal immigration to law and order, Trump clearly has had a tough time overcoming his frustration over the appointment of independent counsel Robert Mueller.

From time to time, Trump publicly vents that frustration at Sessions, who largely ignores it.

Sometimes, Stewart said, Sessions must regret his decision to take the job.

The poll did not break down the results by state, so it is impossible to know how the people who elected Sessions five times to statewide office feel about him now.

“I would think Sessions would fare better here in Alabama, even though he has not enjoyed the constant favor of his president,” Stewart said.

The Bibb Voice would like to find out how you feel about AG Jeff Sessions. Please feel free to comment below. Use language your mother would be proud of only. We might even send your comments directly to Sessions’ office so he hears from his home base.


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