Before today I probably never had a favorite evangelist. Maybe it was because I felt that they were ministers, traveling teachers of the word of God, and not always in touch with the world we live in every day. I was probably wrong, because I have been so many times.

But then there is Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, an evangelist known worldwide. Seems like the Graham name is known to everyone now and has been, seems like forever. Franklin Graham has carried on in his Father’s footsteps as an evangelist and I confess that I have not followed him closely enough, although I read about him often. A few days ago Franklin Graham wrote about the continuing controversy in North Carolina over the law (HB2) that was passed by the North Carolina legislature concerning the use of restrooms by persons who have defied nature and changed their sexual identities since their birth. The problem has mushroomed into a national bathroom crisis for some states, politicians, presidential candidates, professional sports, including the NFL, the NBA, and now even college sports. The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has joined the fray.

The ACC issue seems to have been the last straw for Franklin. He has written a stinging letter to the Presidents of the ACC calling them out on the issue of gender identify, foolish rule making, hippocritical behavior, and the economics of feigned political correctness.

Mr. Graham has given the college presidents a well deserved tongue lashing and a civics lesson that we commoners can all be proud of. Graham has identified the single thing that every one of us is angry about in this country….the two faced behavior of presidential candidates, government leaders, CEO’S of big businesses, and yes, even the aloof and intellectual college presidents, when it comes to corporate greed and the economics of big time sports. We have all had a face full of their behavior and their sometimes circular or twisted moral values and hollow absolutes.

Thank you Mr. Graham for telling it like it is. We hope they heard you. I know I did and I found a friend in the process.

Click here to Read Franklin Graham’s letter, every word of it is worth the time. Franklin Graham is in touch with us.

That is one man’s opinion for today.