Monday, May 29, 2023
Blog Page 111

Town Hall Meeting Regarding 82/219 Intersection Changes with ALDOT

Town Hall Meeting @ BCHS Gymnasium regarding recent changes to 82/219 Intersection in Centreville, AL

Video Interview with Shamus Drake

This is a Bibb Blast community leader interview to get to know Pastor Shamus Drake better. Pastor Drake currently serves at the Brent Baptist Church in Brent, Alabama.

Video Interview with County Commissioner Rodney Stabler

In this first ever Bibb Blast video interview, I sat down with Bibb County Commissioner Rodney Stabler to spend time time chatting and getting to know him better.

Editorial: Night and Day

I’m thankful that God gave us both night and day. In them, He presented a metaphor that is quite lovely when you take a few steps back and really think about it. We all...

Editorial: Christian Work Culture

If Christians ever expect to make a dent in the reformation of culture and our nation, we’ve got to take our worldview, and apply it practically at every level of society in which we...