Begun in 1946 in an effort to improve healthcare in the state, the Statewide Health Coordination Council (SHCC) is a subset of the State Health Planning and Development Agency. According to Alabama Code, “The Alabama Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) is charged by statute and the Governor to prepare a State
Health Plan (SHP) every three years.”

Bibb County Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer was appointed by the Governor on September 9, to serve a term lasting until September 8, 2021. Judge Kemmer joins a small group of individuals, with 28 total members – 14 of which are “consumer” representatives such as her. The other seats are comprised of “provider” representatives. Together, this group sets policy for statewide healthcare, from how many beds a hospital is approved to have, to how preventive care is promoted and implemented.

Of being appointed by Governor Ivey, Judge Kemmer said, “I am humbled and excited about the appointment, and look forward to serving.”

It is a powerful and highly sought-after position within the state. Richard Schrushy (former Healthsouth CEO) infamously went to prison in part for buying his way onto the SHCC many years ago. Why so sought-after? The SHCC reaches into every aspect of healthcare, and healthcare dollars, in Alabama. Also from the Alabama Code:

“The Governor, through his cabinet and legislative programs, expresses a general health policy for maximizing a high rate of wellness for all citizens. His actions indicate a special concern for child health, infant mortality, prevention, the socio/medical problems of teenage pregnancy, the availability and accessibility of health care in the rural areas, and the special health problems of the elderly, mentally ill, and disabled. His concerns are manifested in his budget requests and funding in these areas through the various state agencies, such as the State Health Planning and Development Agency, the Alabama Medicaid Agency, the Department of Mental Health and Mental
Retardation, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Human Resources.”

The full document is linked below.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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