Saturday, May 4th was a productive, successful day for those who continued to show their commitment to combatting the excessive litter in Bibb County.  

In Cedar Grove, volunteers met once again at the Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department at 8 a.m. to pick up just a little ways more up and down North Scottsville Road. Working until a little after noon, the volunteers gathered 111 more large bags of litter, one suitcase, a mattress, and other assorted junk that had been thrown out on the sides of the road. To date, Cedar Grove volunteers have cleaned up from Just past Shadowbrook Trace to where North Scottsville Road runs into Vance Blocton Road – nearly covering 7 miles. Together, Cedar Grove volunteers have picked up a total of 232 large bags of litter.  

Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department Chief Brian Logan thanks the Bibb County Extension office for their continued support in supplying bags, grabbers, as well as vests for the volunteers. He also stated his appreciation to the Bibb County Commission and EMA Director Kirk Smith for their aid in ensuring the litter was properly disposed of.  

The 3rd annual trash pickup day at West Blocton High School was also underway on Saturday as well from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Started in 2022 by then graduating seniors as their parting gift to their soon to be alma mater, they wanted to leave a legacy of leaving their school better than they found it. Continued for the third year in a row, they have done just that! 

Students, teachers, and stakeholders of WBHS joined together to get it done and make a difference in their community. Those who participated included but was not limited to: Amy Elmore and the WBHS Color Guard and Majorettes; Mrs. Sellers and WBHS Varsity Cheer; Ms. McMinn and WBHS JV Cheer; Mrs. Elmore and the WBHS Auxiliary; Mrs. Mabry (SGA); Mr. Clark (NHS); Mr. Filgo; Commissioner Jeremy Lightsey; Chris McMinn; as well as other students and volunteers.  

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office contributed additional safety by way of flashing lights around the volunteers as they collected the litter from the roads. The Bibb County Commission provided trash bags and gloves, aiding in the effort as well to make Bibb County a better place for all.