The Bibb County High School Sports Banquet, held on January 22, 2024, was a night filled with celebration, recognition, and camaraderie as the achievements of the Choctaws’ 2023 football season were honored. From stellar performances on the field to exemplary leadership off it, the banquet highlighted the dedication and talent of the student-athletes who proudly represent their school. 

Among the standout moments of the evening were the announcements of the award winners, each representing a different aspect of the team’s success. Here’s a rundown of the deserving recipients: 

Football Award Winners: 

Rookie of the Year: Brayden Cash   

Brayden Cash’s exceptional debut season earned him the Rookie of the Year award, showcasing his promising talent and contribution to the team. 

Scout Team Offensive Player of the Year: Kizyas Clark   

Recognized for his outstanding performance and dedication on the scout team, Kizyas Clark’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed, earning him the Scout Team Offensive Player of the Year award. 

Scout Team Defensive Player of the Year: Drew Franklin   

Drew Franklin’s commitment and skill on the defensive scout team earned him the well-deserved Scout Team Defensive Player of the Year award. 

Scholar Athlete of the Year: Will Alston   

Balancing academic excellence with athletic prowess, Will Alston exemplified the true meaning of a student-athlete, earning him the prestigious Scholar Athlete of the Year award. 

Special Teams Player of the Year: Jamerious Sanders   

Jamerious Sanders’ impact on special teams throughout the season was undeniable, making him the clear choice for Special Teams Player of the Year. 

Offensive Lineman of the Year: Gerrion Holcombe and Davis Cruce   

Gerrion Holcombe and Davis Cruce’s exceptional performance on the offensive line earned them the co-titled Offensive Lineman of the Year award, showcasing their pivotal role in the team’s success. 

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Xavier Rhine   

Xavier Rhine’s dominance on the defensive line earned him the title of Defensive Lineman of the Year, recognizing his ability to disrupt opposing offenses and make crucial plays. 

Offensive MVP: Jordan Leverette   

Jordan Leverette’s stellar performance on the offensive side of the ball earned him the title of Offensive MVP, highlighting his impact and leadership on the field. 

Defensive MVP: Ty Burkes   

Ty Burkes’ standout performances and defensive prowess made him an indispensable asset to the team, earning him the Defensive MVP award. 

Good Choctaw Spirit Award: Dylan Englebert and Sam Richards   

Dylan Englebert and Sam Richards exemplified outstanding team spirit and sportsmanship, earning them the Good Choctaw Spirit Award for their positive contributions both on and off the field. 

Captains: Davis Cruce, Ty Burkes, Dylan Goode, Trashun Griffin, and Matthew Cash   

The team captains, Davis Cruce, Ty Burkes, Dylan Goode, Trashun Griffin, and Matthew Cash, were recognized for their exceptional leadership, guiding their teammates with integrity and determination throughout the season. 

The Bibb County High School Sports Banquet not only honored the achievements of the football team but also shone a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of the cheerleading squad. With dedication, enthusiasm, and unwavering support, these cheerleaders played an integral role in boosting morale and fostering school spirit throughout the 2023 season. 

Cheerleading Award Winners: 

Captains Award: Callie Elliott 

Callie Elliott’s exemplary leadership and dedication to the team were duly recognized with the Captains Award, reflecting her commitment to uplifting and guiding her fellow cheerleaders. 

Captains Award: Broquesa Steele 

Broquesa Steele’s outstanding leadership qualities and positive influence earned her the Captains Award, showcasing her ability to inspire and motivate her teammates. 

Captains Award: Bailee Grace McCarty 

Bailee Grace McCarty’s exceptional leadership qualities and commitment to the team’s success were honored with the Captains Award, underscoring her invaluable contributions as a leader. 

Most School Spirit: Mati Thomas   

Mati Thomas’s infectious enthusiasm and unwavering school spirit made her a standout member of the cheerleading squad, earning her the Most School Spirit award. 

Best Attitude: Abbie Grace Downs   

Abbie Grace Downs’ positive attitude and unwavering optimism were recognized with the Best Attitude award, highlighting her resilience and uplifting presence within the squad. 

Best Attitude: Brantleigh Farley  

Brantleigh Farley’s positive outlook and supportive demeanor earned her the Best Attitude award, showcasing her ability to uplift and encourage her teammates. 

Hardest Working: Broquesa Steele 

Broquesa Steele’s tireless dedication and relentless work ethic made her a standout performer, earning her the Hardest Working award for her unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Most Cooperative: Savannah Gibson 

Savannah Gibson’s collaborative spirit and willingness to support her teammates earned her the Most Cooperative award, highlighting her role as a team player. 

Most Cooperative: Macie Terrell  

Macie Terrell’s cooperative nature and willingness to go above and beyond for her team were recognized with the Most Cooperative award, showcasing her selflessness and teamwork. 

Best All Around: Callie Elliott  

Callie Elliott’s versatility, skill, and dedication to the squad’s success earned her the title of Best All Around, reflecting her outstanding contributions in all aspects of cheerleading. 

Most Improved: Maci Terrell   

Maci Terrell’s dedication to self-improvement and continuous growth earned her the Most Improved award, showcasing her determination and perseverance. 

Heart of a Choctaw: Bailee Grace McCarty 

Bailee Grace McCarty’s unwavering dedication and selfless commitment to the team’s success earned her the Heart of a Choctaw award, reflecting her true embodiment of the school’s spirit and values. 

Heart of a Choctaw: Callie Elliott 

Callie Elliott’s passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the squad’s success earned her the Heart of a Choctaw award, highlighting her exceptional character and leadership qualities. 

As the evening concluded, it was evident that the cheerleading squad’s dedication, spirit, and teamwork were instrumental in bolstering the school community and rallying support for the Bibb County High School Choctaws. Congratulations to all the award winners and members of the cheerleading squad for their outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence! 

As the evening concluded, it was evident that the Bibb County High School Choctaws had not only achieved success on the field but had also embodied the values of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship throughout the season. Congratulations to all the award winners and team members for their remarkable accomplishments, and here’s to continued success in the seasons to come!