In a recent update from Superintendent Kevin Cotner, the Bibb County Board of Education celebrates positive strides in the Alabama School Report Cards while addressing ongoing challenges and upcoming projects. The superintendent acknowledges the hard work of dedicated educators and administrators who have contributed to the district’s improvement. 

The highlight of the update is the district’s overall increase from an 80 to an 82 in the Alabama School Report Cards. Superintendent Cotner commends the notable achievements of Randolph Elementary and West Blocton Middle School, which saw significant improvements from 72 to 80 and 75 to 81, respectively. Woodstock Elementary once again takes the lead with an impressive score of 88. Expressing gratitude to the teachers and administrators, Cotner emphasizes the district’s commitment to continuous improvement. 

While celebrating successes, Superintendent Cotner acknowledges that there are areas that can be enhanced. The district’s primary concerns include chronic absenteeism, defined as students missing more than 18 days of school for any reason, whether excused or unexcused. Additionally, there is a focus on improving math instruction to ensure a well-rounded education for all students. Cotner reassures the community that addressing these challenges is a top priority for the Board of Education. 

The district is actively working on enhancing its infrastructure to provide a conducive learning environment for students and faculty alike. Restroom renovations at Woodstock Elementary and office renovations at Randolph Elementary are nearing completion. Over the Christmas break, the Career Academy underwent a partial roof replacement, ensuring the safety and comfort of students and staff. 

Looking ahead, Superintendent Cotner outlines the next set of projects that the Board of Education will undertake. Plans include paving the Career Academy driveway and constructing new bus shops. These initiatives aim to further improve the overall infrastructure of the district. 

One of the pressing challenges highlighted in the update is the ongoing effort to find a permanent solution to sewage issues at Randolph Elementary. Superintendent Cotner assures the community that the Board of Education is actively working towards resolving this issue to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff. 

Superintendent Kevin Cotner’s update reflects a commitment to transparency and improvement within the Bibb County Board of Education. As the district celebrates academic achievements, it also acknowledges the importance of addressing challenges and investing in infrastructure projects to create a conducive learning environment for all students. The update underscores the collaborative efforts of educators, administrators, and the community in shaping the future of education in Bibb County.