Mayor Mike Oakley called the meeting to order.  Councilperson Lawrence led in prayer and Councilperson Nichols led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Minutes were approved. 

Keys to the City Design Team members Ben Wieseman and Hollie Cost made a presentation on their initial comprehensive plan for growth for Centreville.  Q&A session was conducted, and further public input scheduled.  Copies of the plan were provided to council members.  

Small Business Proclamation – A motion to approve was made (Mack) and seconded (Colburn).  Motion carried. 

Rev. Addie DeViner Proclamation – A motion to approve was made (Nichols) and seconded (Mack). Motion carried.  

One Time Pay Adjustment – The annual pay adjustment based on length of employment was discussed.  A motion to approve was made (Nichols) and seconded (Mack).  Motion carried. 

Cadence Bank Resolution – Trucworks – This is a three year program on auction items (equip.).  A motion to approve was made (Lawrence) and seconded (Colburn).  Motion carried. 

Yellowhammer – ROW Access Resolution – George Henry made a presentation centered on right-of-way for fiber optic network.  This is covered by RDOT funding.  Omnipoint will be the service provider locally.  A motion to approve this resolution was made (Nichols) and seconded (Colburn).  Motion carried. 

Mixed-Use Ordinance 

  1. Intent of Mixed-Use Buildings: Mixed-Use Buildings are intended to combine commercial, institution, public, and residential uses within a unified building that allowed for efficiency, the maximum utilization of space cost-savings benefits for business owners and increased economic activity that benefits individuals and the community. 
  2.  Mixed-Use Building Requirements: Mixed use buildings must combine approved B1 with R1, R2 or R3 uses. Because of the unique nature of mixed-use buildings, a development plan for the building must be submitted to the City Council for approval. Mixed-use buildings may only be built in the B-2 District of the Centreville zoning map. 

(2a) Development Plan Requirements 

  • Development Plan
  1. Location, boundary lines, and dimensions of the subject property; 
  2. Location of parking areas, number of parking spaces and means of vehicular ingress and egress; 
  3. A designation of which parts of the building will be used for what purpose; 
  4. Location of egresses and number of egress routes for residential spaces. 
  5. Mixed-Use Approval: In order for a building to be used for mixed-use purposes: 1. The development plan must be approved by the City Council and; 2. the building must be inspected and deemed safe for residential use by the State Fire Marshall. 
  6. Restrictions: 
  • Industrial uses are not permitted in a mixed-use building.
  • The building must be located in the B-2 zone of the Centreville zoning map.
  • The portion of the first floor of the building that faces the main road the building is located on must be used for business purposes and may not be used for residential purposes.

 The Council went into executive session at 6:20 p.m.