Dianne Epperson opened the meeting with prayer.  Councilman Mike Nichols led in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Roll Call:  

Mike Oakley 5:00 

Mike Nichols 5:00 

Diane Epperson 5:00 

Linda Lawrence 5:00 

Don Mack 5:30 

Mayor Oakley called the meeting to order. 

A motion was made (Nichols) and seconded Lawrence) to approve the minutes.  Motion carried. 

Airport Authority:  Lynn Hamric, a member of the Bibb County Airport Authority, addressed the council on behalf of the Airport Board with concerns regarding the pallet plant located on the street near the runway and its continued stacking of towers of pallets on both sides of the city street.  This problem has been discussed with the pallet plant owners by the airport board with minimal change and that being temporary.  This problem is a liability for the City and certainly is not the introduction to Centreville we want to present to prospective businesses and our industry.  With the positive direction being generated through Keys to the City, Centreville Historical Preservation Commission and Tree City and Main Street we feel correction of this problem should be a priority.  We want to encourage the pallet plants business but with better aesthetics. 

The Council recognized ordinances and agreed with the need for a change.  The mayor was instructed to send a certified letter with a deadline date for clean-up.  It is to address the large quantity of old pallets that could be a serious fire hazard.  A copy of the letter is to be forwarded to the Airport Authority. 

The Budget was presented to the Council members.  A motion to approve was made (Nichols) and seconded (Epperson).  Motion carried. 

General Discussion: 

Linda Lawrence raised several topics for consideration and investigation. 

  1. The possibility of recycling. 
  2. Where are we on the clean-up of old houses and overgrown lots. 
  3. What does the city ordinance on events say regarding the clean-up responsibility and damages should they happen?  This ordinance is to be provided by the Clerk at the next council meeting for review. 
  4. Brush Truck – The “truck” is sitting on the lot awaiting the “body”.  Arrival date unknown. 

There being no further business a motion was made (Epperson) and seconded (Nichols) to adjourn. Motion carried.