Mayor White called the meeting to order at five o’clock. 

Roll Call: 

Barbara Morrison 5:00 

Tracy Sanders – absent 

Chad Jones 5:00 

Tom Owings 5:00 

Jerry Conway 5:00 

A motion to approve the minutes was made (Owings) and seconded (Conway) Motion carried. 

After a review of the expenditures a motion to approve was made (Conway) and seconded (Jones). Motion carried. 

Police Report – none 

Court Report – none 

Request to Address Council – none 

Personnel Action – none 

Other Business: 

Brent Elementary SRO, Chris Crocker, began today.  The Board of Education provided $40,000 in support. 

Informational Items: 

Marie Elam is concerned about the state of the Brent Cemetery (trash and limbs littering and dogs running around).  Council noted the concern. 

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.