[Florence, AL – September 18, 2023] – Project Say Something is pleased to announce a significant breakthrough in their fight for the restoration of First Amendment rights in Florence, AL. After a prolonged legal battle, Project Say Something has successfully reached a tentative settlement with the City of Florence, Alabama, resulting in the revision of noise and parade ordinances. This outcome signifies a vital step forward in safeguarding the First Amendment rights of citizens.

In 2020-2021, Project Say Something passionately protested the Confederate monument erected in downtown Florence, Alabama. However, their efforts were hampered by a vague noise ordinance enforced by the city, which they argued violated their First Amendment rights to the amplified voice in protest. The organization made extensive efforts to engage with the city, seeking a resolution, but unfortunately received no response from the city council. Consequently, Project Say Something had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the City of Florence.

In partnership with the Duke Law Clinic, Attorney Tish Gottell Faulk and Attorney David Gespass, Project Say Something initiated legal proceedings and established productive relations with the city’s legal representatives. These negotiations led to a resolution that satisfied both parties and addressed the concerns raised by Project Say Something regarding their First Amendment rights.

The tentative settlement includes several key provisions:

  • Acknowledgment that the unamplified human voice is not subject to the noise ordinance.
  • Explicit clarification that Project Say Something’s activities do not constitute a parade.
  • Placement of the new noise and parade ordinances on the City Council’s agenda for a vote in September 2023.
  • A stipulation to file for dismissal once the new ordinances are adopted, anticipated to be in October 2023.

While the settlement is labeled “tentative,” Project Say Something, our attorneys, and the City of Florence are confident that the City Council will approve the new ordinances. Camille Bennett, founder and executive director of Project Say Something, has worked closely with the city throughout the negotiation process, ensuring that the content of the ordinances protects the constitutional rights of all members of the community.

Project Say Something is now calling upon the community to actively participate in the upcoming City Council meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19 at 5 p.m. This engagement is crucial to show support for the new ordinances and to ensure their successful adoption.

This landmark resolution is a testament to the perseverance and dedication of Project Say Something in upholding First Amendment rights. The organization remains committed to promoting social justice and equality, and this settlement represents a significant victory in that mission.

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