The Bibb County Commission held a regularly scheduled meeting on June 13, 2022. Following a closed door Executive Session called to discuss the good name and character of an unnamed employee, county attorney Anthony Johnson addressed the Commission from the floor. Johnson said that County Administrator Derek Reeves had today submitted a Letter of Resignation. Johnson said that the issue before the Commission was “whether the Commission would accept the resignation or take other action” and then asked for a motion. A motion to terminate Reeves employment rather than accept his resignation, and to appoint Assistant Administrator Brian Davis as interim administrator to replace Reeves, was made by Charles Caddell, and then voted upon and passed by the commissioners present. Following the vote no further action was taken at this meeting.

Derek Reeves has been the Administrator for Bibb County since January 2018. He resides in Tuscaloosa.

Following the meeting Commission Chairman Matt Downs said that an official statement about the termination of Mr. Reeves employment is being prepared by the County Attorney. This is a developing story. The Centreville Press will provide further information to the public as the story unfolds.