March 31, 2021

Representative Russell Bedsole (R) HR-49

House District 49 Representative Russell Bedsole had a sit down meeting with Governor Kay Ivey this morning. Bedsole told The Bibb Voice that he has been able to establish a good open line of communication with the Governor’s office since taking office and was invited to meet with the Governor to talk with her on a range of issues.

Earlier this week Governor Ivey had several tour stops of tornado damaged areas of the State. She told Bedsole that while she had not stopped in Bibb County she and her staff were in communication with officials in Bibb and were attuned to the needs of Bibb County and would do everything they could to assist Bibb along with every other affected area of the State from the recent storms.

Representative Russell Bedsole with Governor Kay Ivey

Bedsole said that he and the Governor talked at length about the proposed Brierfield prison project that is planned for Bibb County. Bedsole was able to directly convey to the Governor the concerns of many of the citizens about the planned project and request that the Department of Corrections be more forthcoming about details of the planned project. Bedsole said that “while the Governor was not willing to make any promises about releasing more confidential or proprietary information while still negotiating with contractors she and her staff were monitoring the concerns expressed by everyone involved in the project.”