UPDATED 3/31/2021 @ 09:15 A.M

Final returns for the Senate District 14 race heavily favored candidate April Weaver. She defeated all candidates by a hefty margin in the Republican primary on March 30, 2021. Uncertified vote totals have now been reported from all three counties and are reported below.

In the final tally Shelby, Chilton, and Bibb County Weaver received more than 81% of the total votes cast and will take the GOP primary without a runoff. Weaver polled 94% of the Bibb County votes. She also took 76% of the Shelby vote and 91% of the Chilton vote.

Voter turnout numbers for special elections followed expected trends. In Bibb County the turnout was 7.8% of registered voters, Shelby 5.8% and Chilton 3.6%.

Weaver will face Virginia Applebaum from the Democrat party in the general special election on Tuesday July 13.

Final primary reported results are as follows:

Final Vote Totals Senate District 14

The vote totals have not been certified but Weaver stated that she accepts the unofficial results as a victory and thanked all of the volunteers and campaign workers who have worked so hard to elect her and turned out today to make the vote happen. April said that she will continue to serve the voters with conservative values that she has based her previous service in the legislature on.