Officer Johnson & Daughter Jazzmyne

This is a thank you for Deputy Brad Johnson K-9 Unit who helped my daughter when her car malfunctioned while driving home for Thanksgiving and my birthday.

She was on the last stretch to Selma, AL  and if anyone is familiar with this road, you know how dark it can get out there.  Because of the time change, it was about to get dark soon and she was still 44 minutes away.  Me and my other daughter were en route to help, but we would not make it before dark.

Thankfully, once we arrived, Deputy Johnson was on the scene.  He was so kind and very patient with all of us.  He gave us the number to a tow truck (Anytime Towing…hi Tony) and stayed with us until the tow was a few minutes out.

Deputy Brad Johnson, K9 Officer Bodie, Daughter Chan

While we waited before he left, we were introduced to Bodie.  OMG, his face was huge and yes, I was afraid for a brief moment.  Deputy Johnson allowed us to take pictures with him and Bodie which made the wait shorter.

I wanted to write about this because we hear about so many awful things that happen with the police, and I know it’s not all police or people.  I am so thankful for the Deputy’s help and I appreciate it…you too Bodie.

So, thank you Deputy Brad Johnson for just showing human kindness and compassion to another person.


Thank you! Mother – Pamela Bonner of Selma, Alabama