Bibb County Voters turned out in record numbers today to vote in the 2020 Presidential election. 9,608 voters showed up at the polls out of 14,992 registered voters. That is 64% of registered voters that took the time to vote today, a record for Bibb County according to local sources.

Jerry Pow, Chairman of the Bibb County Republican Party and retired Probate Judge said that in his memory there has never been a voter turnout this high in the county. Mrs. Bob Rhinehart said she has worked at the courthouse on election nights since 1971 and does not recall a turnout this large either.

Local Amendment 1 passed with 6,351 Yes Votes to 1,743 No votes.

Voting was heavy at all 8 Bibb County precincts. The voting numbers at each precinct were as follows:

Greenpond 1826

Alternative School (West Blocton) 1873

Eoline 684

Brent City Hall 888

Centreville Rock Building 1108

Six Mile Community Center 898

Lawley Community Center 460

National Guard 1294

Absentee 577

Straight Party Voting

Democratic Party 1582

Republican 5349

Presidential Votes

Donald R Trump 7,508

Joseph R Biden 1,982

U.S. Senator

Doug Jones 2,236

Tommy Tuberville 7,306

For line totals in all other races visit the Secretary of State website at this link: []