By Cheryl Dodson September 2, 2020

When you lose a parent, there is inevitably a moment that makes you say, “I wish Mom would have lived to see this…”

But I also have to believe that when those moments come, we have to be so thankful for our memories that got us to that moment.

Recently a cardboard box arrived at the Woodstock Library.

Our sweet librarian Michele had submitted an application for an exhibit celebrating the 100th anniversary of the suffrage movement.

I remember skimming this in history.

And I would have to say until recently, I took it for granted.

In my lifetime, the right to vote and seek public office never seemed unobtainable.

After some assembly, we walked around and really let the images process.

I don’t know if those ladies, could have ever imagined how blessed we are today.

At moments like this, when I see the sacrifices- I don’t know whether I owe you a thank you or an apology.

I have to think I owe you both.

In the midst of this, in walks Mimi Williams Penhale.

I question her experience and her age.

My 16 year old daughter pulls me aside and says, “Mom, I am a total fan.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

Reagen volunteers to help with her campaign locally.

Before you know it, our entire county is on board.

Last night, she united Bibb County with an impressive win and as the tear rolls down my cheek, I can picture the image of her little girl singing about a victory.

I don’t know your future plans or purpose Mimi, but I know what you have shown my daughter.

Life can be unbalanced, and hectic. People will try to change your course over their own selfish egos.

But you can still hold your chin up, do the right thing and believe it or not, balance a baby on your hip.

With grace. Under fire.

You may not have won the district, but you won the hearts of every one you came in contact with.

When I could not sleep last night, the recurring word was how impressed we were with you.

And I still am.

And I just have to say, I know your Mom wasn’t here to see this-

But I fully believe those days she took you with her to meetings and campaigns, led you to yesterday, today and tomorrow…

And tomorrow looks a little bit brighter for all of us girls of all ages…

Thank you Mimi for encouraging a bunch of older men and women and inspiring many young ones…