After weeks of hard campaigning the votes are in but the vote turnout was low for today’s special election runoff in House District 49 with Russell Bedsole lining up against Mimi Penhale to fill the vacant seat left by April Weaver.

Bibb County reported turn out a little over 10% of registered voters. Out of 1,135 votes cast 66% went to Penhale [750 Penhale 385 Bedsole].

On the South End of Bibb County the voting was closely matched between  Bedsole and Penhale but on the North End of the County the Greenpond and Alternative School

Sept 1 Vote Totals By Box

Boxes gave Penhale a +280 vote margin.

In Chilton County 230 votes were cast with 56% going to Penhale. Once again, Chilton County turned out less than 5% of eligible voters.

Shelby County boxes reported last where Bedsole pulled over 71% of the vote, taking 762 votes to 305 votes for Penhale. Shelby County’s 1,067 voters represented 7.6% of the registered voters, still a lower turnout than Bibb County but enough + votes to pull Bedsole ahead of Penhale.

The Shelby vote puts Bedsole in the lead with 51.36% of the total vote. Unofficially it looks like Russell Bedsole is the runoff primary winner.

Bedsole must still face a democratic challenge in the Special Election/General Election on November 17, 2020.