What Do YOU Stand For?

Guest Editorial by Micah Daniel

Like many of you, for the last week I have heard many different rumors about the events that were planned to beset our community on Saturday, June 13th in Centreville.  From my experience, the rumors around town ran the gamut from a unity rally against confederate monuments to a fear that outside agitators were going to be bussed in to illegally riot and/or loot in the streets of our community. 

From my perspective, I think that any long standing citizen of Bibb County who is truly honest with him or herself can relate to how rumors and gossip have at many times caused irreparable harm to our local political discourse and good people end up with hurt feelings every day as a result.  (I know mine have been stepped on a time or two.)  That being said, what did the “Voter Registration” demonstrators accomplish on Saturday? 

What I witnessed on Saturday morning in front of the Courthouse was a group of protesters holding signs related to the horrible death of George Floyd (a death that disgusts any reasonable God fearing American) while chanting “No Justice, No Peace, No Racist Police!” as the demonstrators made their way down Walnut Street on their walk to Brent City Hall.  I saw a few familiar faces in that crowd which personally gave me comfort because I don’t believe that any reasonable Bibb County citizen regardless of politics would behave in the same way that we have witnessed anarchists in the national news media behaving in other parts of our nation and even our own state over that last several weeks. 

So for that, I have to say a heart felt “Thank You” to our demonstrators for exercising your First Amendment constitutional rights in a peaceful and perfectly legal way.  I also want to say a heart felt “Thank You” to all of our local law enforcement and volunteer firefighters who gave up their Saturday morning to bring a show of strength and order to the protest.  Your conduct, in my view was exemplary and it does not go unappreciated from me or my family. 

I think that witnessing the dichotomy of protesters calling law enforcement disgusting names like “Racist”  to their face while the police and firefighters continue to the job that they are commissioned to do with dignity in the face of it all is a powerful testament to the strength of the people of our Nation.  We are a Nation unique in this world with a Constitution which limits the power of government over our lives and therefore grants each of us boundless human potential regardless of race, creed, or religion. 

We recognize and have roundly declared for 244 years that our rights are not derived from the power of man but are the product of Divine Providence.  No other nation can boast such a claim and that is why I believe we live on the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. 

Protesters June 13 2020

So for our protestors on Saturday morning, I ask you.  What do YOU stand for?  Are you really demonstrating just for voter registration?  Are you calling for the disbanding of law enforcement?  Are you calling for the rewriting of history?  Or, are you really there just to call all the rest of us Racists?  Is that really why you gave up your Saturday morning to walk 1.9 miles and insult the rest of us all along the way? 

I love each one of you because I love my community and I admire your fervor.  But I believe that you are wrong.  I believe law enforcement and community service is honorable.  I don’t believe in the notion of “white privilege” and that is NOT a racist thing to say. 

I want, instead to challenge you to make a difference in our communities therefore with service.  If you really want to make a difference, try becoming a cop.  If you don’t like guns, become a social worker, run for office, or volunteer in your church.  We all bear witness to many legitimate needs in Bibb County each and every day.  We should want to take pride in our communities and I believe that many good people try hard to do that every day. 

Sometimes we even argue about how to go about doing it.  What can we all do to better serve one another in Bibb County?  In regards to your protest on Saturday, I am compelled to ask you what exactly is your point?  From my perspective your message is inarticulate and confusing. 

I am certainly willing to listen, but right now, I am just not getting it.

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  1. I agree with your editorial 100%, there is a need for reform in Law Enforcement nationwide, BUT there is need within the Black Community to unite and do something about Black on Black murders!!!!! Break up the gangs, tear down the crack houses, get control of your young men, get the anger out of them, when said and done they have all the rights and privilege of any American, red, yellow, black or white, maybe more. Don’t tell Las Enforcement to clean up their act until you are actively cleaning up your own!!!! Nobody owes anyone!! Works both ways!!! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!! Why does that not apply to Blacks. Stop your own crime and killing, otherwise, don’t holler “victim”.

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