Chief’s Report

The recent Hazard Mitigation Plan meeting has the city filling out forms that will enable qualification for FEMA funding in the future. Mentioned in the discussion around this topic was the need for a new storm shelter within city limits. One possibility was discussed – no plans were made or decided – of using the city-owned property next to the Centreville Volunteer Fire Department.

Department stats for February: 139 calls, 92 traffic stops, 16 arrests, 118 assists, 83 citations and warnings written.

Scenario training will happen March 18-19 at the county bus shop (Old Healthtex building). Non-lethal training rounds will be used, and city and county officials are invited to come watch. Scenarios will focus on clearing buildings, with some officers playing “bad guys.”

A new machine used for testing blood alcohol content is requiring all officers to complete training for certification in its use. An all-day class for the initial training is free, but must be done on an officer’s scheduled work day.

The CPD will soon be hiring a new Full Time officer. Watch for the official job posting to apply.

Other Items

After asking questions and discussing the finer details of the previous month’s financial report, the Council approved the report as presented.

A contribution of $500 to the Co-op Extension was approved unanimously. This is the same amount as given last year.

The Council acknowledged the use of the new electronic voting machines that will be in use this year. This “acknowledgement” is a legal requirement.

A request for funding for a new Historical Marker on a cemetery in Centreville was raised by Councilman Don Mack. Mack said the Historical Society had put in the paperwork to apply for the marker, which was approved. With the price of $2,100 presented to pay for the marker, Councilman Matthew Thomas requested to table the issue until all members were present (Calvin Elliott and Kenny Hicks were absent). The decision must be made before the end of March, 2020.

Mayor Terry Morton requested that all Council Members call the ALDOT representative in Maplesville and request they pick up roadside trash along state roadways in Centreville. Morton said he has not seen pickup happening in several months.


SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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