With several closely watched races throughout the county, tonight was a nail biter for several candidates and their supporters. With almost 4,000 votes cast, the results are as follow:

*Please note that these counts are for Bibb County ONLY and do not reflect winners statewide or regional races.

Democrat Primary:

Bibb County Commission, District 5

  • Jerome Chism     158
  • Rodney Stabler     188

President, Public Service Commission

  • Laura Casey     571
  • Robert L Mardis, III     137

Republican Primary:

U.S. Senator

  • Stanley Adair     32
  • Bradley Byrne     883
  • Arnold Mooney     35
  • Roy Moore     359
  • Ruth Page Nelson     16
  • Jeff Sessions     1,058
  • Tommy Tuberville     1,639

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

  • Greg Shaw     1,144
  • Cam Ward     2,681

Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place No. 2

  • Phillip Bahakel     884
  • Matt Fridy     2,491

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place No. 1

  • Melvini Hasting     997
  • Mary Windom     2,306

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place No. 2

  • Jill Ganus     601
  • Beth Kellum     1,649
  • Will Smith     983

President, Public Service Commission

  • Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh     3,032
  • Robin Litaker     713

Bibb County Coroner

  • Howard Franks     1,500
  • C.W. West     1,301
  • Chris Whitfield     748

Bibb County Commission, District 1

  • Keefe Burt     386
  • Jeremy Glenn Lightsey     579

Bibb County Commission, District 3

  • Matt Downs     748
  • Kenny Hicks     116
  • Walt Williams     114

Proposed Statewide Amendment Number One

  • Yes     1,059
  • No      3,807



SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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