By Cheryl Dodson

28 years ago…

There is something special about your Daddy’s prayers.

Especially knowing you were in them before you were born.

A Daddy that prayed for you. A big, tough hard-working man wearing overalls and covered in sawdust.

When he started out as a newlywed with your Mother he made $100 a week.

He laughs and corrects me.  “Don’t cut me short, I made $120.”

He was one of 3 boys. And then, he had 3 boys.

A baby girl was all that was missing.  For two generations.

And then you get that wonderful news.

On the morning she was to arrive, he walks out of the bathroom and he had shaved his beard.  When his wife asks, “What are you doing?”, she gets one of the sweetest moments of her life…

“I want to feel her face on my skin.”

She is now grown with two girls of her own, but he tells that baby girl he prayed for her until this day and she loves her Daddy.

I don’t blame her.

When I told him, I was about to be a grandmother, he told me-“You’re about to get wealthy.”  And he was so right.  He should know.

Sometimes in the middle of a busy life you can’t see that your prayers are being answered.

Sometimes you can’t see the priceless value and riches that come in the health of your children.

That alone would be enough and all that you could ask for…

But sometimes you are fortunate to live long enough to see and realize the blessings you have may just be the answered prayers of your sweet Daddy…

The Burt Boys changed places and got outnumbered with 8 little girls.  Never underestimate the love and prayers of your Daddy…


Meet Keefe & Kellye Burt and all of their Grandchildren



SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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Cheryl Acker Dodson lives and writes in Woodstock, Alabama. She is a passionate advocate for mental health and speaks publicly to raise awareness for suicide prevention. She currently serves on the board of directors for Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resource Coalition (ASPARC) and Indian Rivers Behavioral Health. She loves to share local people and their heartwarming stories.