Friday Follies – So You Say You Can Remember When ?

But Can You Back It Up With Video


This afternoon the Friday Facebook crowd runs amok with reminiscing and doddering memories of folks trying to prove what they remember to prove how old they are. But nary a one of them has video.

I do.

So if any of youse can pre-date delivering auto parts on a 3 wheel cushman to Perry Meigs at the Gulf Station on the court house square in Centreville in 1958 and prove it with video, put it up. Remember when H & S Auto parts was in Brent? [I mean before the tornado Brent] Started there in 1957 and delivered parts on a 3 wheel cushman.

And by the way, yes that is my 1957 Silver Cushman Eagle with a Chrome Blower Cover in the background and that is Mr. Perry Meigs in his Gulf Service uniform, tending to business.

Thats how old I am. Any takers?

SOURCEThe Bibb Voice
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