The Bibb County School Foundation received a donation today from State Senator Cam Ward and Representative April Weaver at a local ceremony held at the Bibb County Board of Education. These donations will be added to the large and small gifts received from many other donors and used to fund individual grants that will go to classroom teachers in the Bibb County School system. Pictured above are the Board Members for the Foundation together with Senator Ward and Representative Weaver.

Each year the Foundation returns all of the donations received to teachers in the form of individual grants. This year’s awards to classroom teachers will be announced at a Foundation banquet on November 13 at 4:00 p.m.

The Bibb County School Foundation is a third party, non-profit, charitable organization, that was formed to develop supportive community and private sector relationships with the Bibb County School System. The foundation was formed for the purpose of collecting and distributing contributions from individuals, business, and organizations for the benefit of the students in the Bibb County Public Schools. The trustees are comprised of a cross section of community leaders and ex-officio members from the school board. The foundation is a means by which citizens and organizations may collectively impact the quality of education in Bibb County.

The Purpose

The primary purpose of the BCSF is to serve as a private partner of the Bibb County public schools, providing grants to support programs and teaching projects for which funds are not available from federal, state and local sources. The foundation goals are as follows:

  • to enhance learning opportunities
  • to provide enrichment in the school system’s basic curriculum
  • to stimulate creativity in the classroom by funding teaching projects for which funds are not available through public sources
  • to purchase instructional materials and equipment for unique educational programs
  • to better inform the public about the strengths and innovative programs in the Bibb County Schools
  • to encourage community involvement in the public schools in a positive and supportive manner