Dog Found in Cage, on Hwy 25 – Badly Burned

Dog Found in Cage, on Hwy 25 – Badly Burned

Numerous post on social media about seeing a metal dog crate Monday morning.


On Monday of this week many social media post began appearing telling of people seeing a metal dog crate at the intersection of Hwy-25 North and River bend road.   After someone pulled over to investigate it was discovered that there was a female bulldog trapped inside the cage and the dog inside was suffering not only from server burns but was trapped with no water and no food.

After law enforcement was contacted, Tammie Davis with the local group, Friends of the Bibb County Pound arrived on the scene reported what she discovered to WVUA TV’s     Click Here to view that interview.

The animal was taken to the local Veterinary Hospital of Centreville, (205) 926 – 4347, where the staff administered great care in helping the animal to overcome wounds that would have resulted in the death of the dog, had she not been helped.

Friends of the Bibb County Pound, which operates off of strictly donations has offered to fund the tortured dog’s vet expenses and is seeking help from the public.  Tammie Davis, owner of the FOTBCP, said on Monday, “We definitely need help with the funds to pay her vet bill.  It is going to be a long stretch. It’s not going to be just fix me up today and out of the vet tomorrow, she’s going to be there for a while.”  Donations are needed for medical expenses. Donations can be made through PayPal at or by calling the veterinary hospital at (205) 926 – 4347.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is seeking help to identify who may have abused this animal and anyone with more information is being asked to contact the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at (205) 926-4683.

UpDate: 08/09/2018  It is being reported today via FaceBook that “Hope” as the dog is now called, is much improved and has a very loving disposition.


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