Al Blanton

Al Blanton is a former college basketball coach, a former lawyer, a magazine publisher, editor, reporter, author and journalist…..titles that only a few people can claim in this short life. He owns and publishes more than one magazine at the present time and writes for several other publications. You may not recognize his name immediately but if you are from Bibb County you probably know his family. His mother is Danky Davis Blanton, a current resident of Marion, and one of his Uncles is the late Scott Davis of Brent. Al lives and works in Jasper.

He has written and published many impressive short articles, periodicals and magazines.    Recently he published a lengthy article in his Hall and Arena magazine about Bibb County’s Charles Cleveland. The article was well researched, and well written. If you were not fortunate enough to have known Charles Cleveland your time will be well spent to read this article and find out about his history and the attention of the sports world that he brought to Bibb County. It is not all a happy story but it is all the truth and there are important nuggets of gold that can be shared with young people contained in this writing.

Hope you enjoy it, click on the link above to access Al’s writings.