On October 11th, 2016, the Brent Civitan Club installed new officers during their regular scheduled business meeting. Danny Russell was elected to take over the position of president in the club. Jerry Pow was elected to be the treasurer, but was not present at the meeting. Those shown in the photo above are listed below in order of appearance left-to-right:

  • Dave Rigdon, longest standing member and former president.
  • Alan Cook, chaplin.
  • Dennis Stripling, secretary.
  • Jerry Levert, president.
  • Danny Russell, president-elect.

During the meeting, Jim Oakley was accepted to join as a member. The club issued a statement on their Facebook page indicating that they appreciate him joining and believe he’ll be a valuable asset to the club.

“At our October 2016 Business Meeting we accepted new member Jim Oakley…….We appreciate Jim joining and will become a valuable asset to our club.” – From Facebook


The Brent Civitan Club currently meets at the Sawmeal Restaurant on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6pm. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brentcivitanclub