I’m thankful that God gave us both night and day. In them, He presented a metaphor that is quite lovely when you take a few steps back and really think about it. We all love the day, but as He has willed it, there is a time for both. Day soon ends, and the night begins. The night can be long, the darkness deep. The lack of light can be disheartening, and in it, one can find the deepest of despair. What’s beautiful though is that the sky, even in night, has little glimmers of the light to come. Tiny stars and the Moon remind us that even as the night carries on, the light (the hope for tomorrow) is still there, and will return soon in the most glorious of displays. Lord, preserve us in the night, that we may come to see the wonders of your glory when the light fully returns again on the morrow. May your name be praised in both night and day. Thank you for never leaving us. Thank you for showing yourself to us in creation, as the simplest things like a sunset and sunrise can bring the greatest of comforts. God is good.