Bibb County Pet Welfare Offers Summer Special for Pet Spaying and Neutering 

By Savannah Logan 


Bibb County Pet Welfare (BCPW), the only organization in Bibb County dedicated to proactive programs for spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to reduce the animal population, is offering a July & August summer special. Qualified households can spay/neuter up to two pets for just $25 per pet!  

Spaying and neutering your pets is crucial for several reasons. It helps control the pet population, reducing the number of homeless animals and the burden on animal shelters. It also prevents various health issues, including certain cancers and infections, leading to a longer and healthier life for your pets. Additionally, it can improve your pet’s behavior by reducing aggression and the urge to roam. 

 Eligibility: Bibb County residents only. Must verify enrollment in one or more government assistance programs (e.g., Medicaid, disability, WIC, SNAP, EBT, SSI). 


– Payment due when making the appointment 

– Very limited availability 

– First come, first serve 

 Book: text message only! (205) 410-1003 

Make your appointment today and give your pets the care they deserve!