Centreville City Council 

June 17, 2024 

by Lynn Hamric

Mayor Mike Oakley called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.  Dianne Epperson opened with prayer followed by Mike Nichols leading the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Roll Call: 

Dianne Epperson 5:01 

Linda Lawrence 5:01 

Mike Nichols 5:01 

Brad Colburn 5:01 

Don Mack 5:05 


Minutes were provided to the council and after a review Brad Colburn noted a correction was needed.  The minutes stated they were for the Water Board not the Council.  A motion to approve (with correction) was made (Colburn) and seconded (Epperson).  Motion carried. 


Resolution – Special Event – Juneteenth Walk. 

Rev. Moultrie made the proper permit application with the Police Department.  The walk will take place at five o’clock from the El Comal Restaurant to the Chamber of Commerce.  Participants will be required to stay on the sidewalk as the city has no authority to block a state highway.  The city police department will assist the participants as necessary with crossing city streets. Anticipated number of participants is 50.  Mayor Oakley stated he would be at the chamber area at five o’clock.  A motion to approve was made (Epperson) seconded (Nichols). Motion carried. 


Resolution – July 5th A motion to extend the holiday for city employees to include the 5th of July was made (Nichols) and seconded (Colburn). Motion carried. 


Resolution – ACE Community: The Alabama Community of Excellence plan is in process.  Mayor Oakley stated Centreville has already received this status.  The application has been submitted and accepted.  Megan Batte is gathering letters of support to complete the process.  Most of the work was already done when Main Street became active as the city was required to have a Master Plan or Strategic Plan.  A motion to approve completion of the process was made (Epperson) and seconded (Nichols).  Motion carried. 


Juneteenth Proclamation:  A motion to approve was made (Epperson) and seconded (Colburn).  Motion carried. 


Operations Report: 

Police Department – None 

Street Department – None. Mayor Oakley stated the street department employees have been diligently working to clean the city cemetery.  Additional work is required to clear/thin the trees running through the center of the property.  A recent out-of-town pastor visiting in an effort to locate his relatives grave had significant difficulty due to the extensive overgrowth.   


Fire & Rescue: None – Councilman Mike Nichols addressed Christian (representing the fire department) and stated he wants him to, “brief the firemen on the “chain of command”, in particular one individual”, at the next meeting. 


Ball Park Road Extension:  Councilman Brad Colburn addressed the council with information he has personally obtained along with Christian and then Mayor Oakley.  There is approximately 22 acres behind the current ball park that belongs to the city. The City owns the ball park but the property within the fence is being leased).  While this area is somewhat low, if the road is extended (by placing a pipe in across the current road area and adding sufficient soil, it could be utilized for a variety of activities (Fire Department Rodeo, Celebration on the Green, etc.).  The Fire Department desires to work toward a 2025 enlarged Rodeo as a fund raiser. They have been approached by the Ball Park lessee desiring to help with the proposed Rodeo as a joint fund raiser.  While in-kind services are anticipated a quote for the pipe and other necessary expenditures will be obtained and brought to the council for review. 


Don Mack Cemetery – Councilman Mack stated that when Hwy. 82 was surveyed family graves were located and relocated.  He has met with ALDOT, Probate Judge Kemmer and City Attorney Kemmer to ascertain the required procedure to make the relocated area into a cemetery.  Councilman Mack is working through this process and when completed will bring to the council for review and approval. 


Council Comment: 

Councilwoman Lawrence: 

  1. She has been approached by individuals required to use wheelchairs and who traverse the city streets by the Lee home and Jack’s restaurant.  There are significant impediments resulting in dangerous wheelchair usage. (one being a water valve (at the Lee home) and the other a large grate (at Jack’s).  Mayor Oakley stated he would contact ALDOT as this was a state highway then was advised it belongs to the City.  He advised this would be investigated. 
  2. There needs to be well marked cross walks on city streets, especially for wheelchair use, Market Street in particular (near Chamber). 
  3. Linda asked why she continues to receive delinquent sales tax notices when her business license and tax payments are both current.  Megan Batte stated “everyone” is receiving these.  She has attempted to contact those processing the tax notices but it appears no one is in the office. 
  4. Linda asked Chief Smith about the status of the proposed renovations to the police station.  Chief Smith stated he had a bid, and a contractor was there today to submit a bid.  Linda asked about there being windows on the bids.  Don Mack stated he did not see windows on the bid he had been provided.  Chief Smith stated he does not know about that. 
  5. Requested an up-date on the inspection of all city owned buildings.  This was to have been done in order to ensure compliance with the recently instituted State Fire Codes.  The council stated at the last meeting that city buildings should be in compliance before any effort is made to implement within the community.  New builds must conform to all new codes.  Megan Batte stated the city building inspections have not been done. 

Councilman Colburn inquired about the Tuberville grant they were told was a very good possibility of receiving as it was to go for public safety efforts.  Mayor Oakley stated this was mis-information and no funds were forthcoming from this grant.  In reality this was connected with a grant application by Dr. Waits and involved ALDOT. 


Councilwoman Epperson- 

  1. Reported that she participated in the recent Cahaba Crawl sponsored by the Centreville Main Street Board.  She worked the window of the Shaved Ice trailer and talked with most attending.  She inquired where they were from and stated they were from various out-of-county places and even MS.  Local participation could have been hampered as all the ball teams were playing out-of-town.  Everyone was extremely complimentary of the float experience, food, entertainment and overall hospitality.  She further stated that there were NO incidents and that the event was a GREAT SUCCESS!  “We need to have one every weekend”. 


Councilman Brad Colburn: 

  1. Brad stated he stayed in the river during the River Crawl and met everyone as they exited.  He too inquired where they came from and stated 90% were from out of county.  Brad stated that everyone talked about how much fun they had, how nice everything was and they were looking forward to future events. 


Councilman Don Mack: 

  1. Stated the status of the sidewalk spraying is still unfinished.  He requested the company responsible be contacted to either return and complete the work or refund the money. 
  2. There still needs to be a meeting on identification of streets to be repaired and allocation of funds. 
  3. Don recognized Katie Cheslock, Main Street Executive Director and asked what is being done on the entertainment district in Montevallo.  Katie stated she had met with the Montevallo MS Director and that they are looking into identifying an entertainment district.  She further stated that both Calera and Columbiana have already identified an entertainment district. 


Mayor Oakley stated that several cities along Hwy. 25 have Main Street designation and a collaborative effort of Main Street cities is being developed. 


Councilman Mike Nichols: 

 Mike stated he has reviewed the Condition of City Streets book and finds that some streets were omitted. 

1.  Shirley Avenue that runs by Scott Hardenburgs’ house does not appear on the map.   

2. River Drive in front of Downey McGee/Ken Cottinghams’ house does not appear on the map. 


Mayor Oakley stated the company producing the document will be contacted for corrections. 


Mayor Oakley updated the council on the status of the Board of Education land as it relates to the further development of the city park area near the chamber and the river walk.  Supt. Cottner has had extensive surgery and will have a lengthy recovery.  He has talked with the board attorney who had previously advised that the sale or transfer of this land would not be possible legally.  Mayor Oakley explained that it is the city’s intent to provide parking for baseball games with the parking lot.  The attorney said this provides a monetary amount of exchange.  Mayor Oakley stated he has sent a text to Supt. Cottner providing information.  When he is able to deal with this he has the required information. 


Councilman Mack asked when there would be further discussion on the road paving and Megan Batta stated there is to be a work session for the council at the second meeting in July. 


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. 


A video of this meeting by the City of Centreville may be viewed on their site.