Reported by Mike Hobson

The life of a 14 year old Pleasantville, TN youth was claimed on March 6, 2024 near the Scott Station community of Perry County.


Law enforcement and wildlife officials are piecing together the details of how the unfortunate death occurred. The incident happened on the Sugar Foot Hunting Preserve, near Highway 183.


The youth accompanied his father and other family members to the property of a Scott Station landowner for a concrete construction project. After the work ended a landowner planned to guide the work party on a feral hog hunt.


As the party readied their guns for the hunt a loaded rifle, placed on a shoulder in the carrying position, allegedly discharged and the .223 caliber bullet struck the youth in the center of his chest. The youth was standing behind the shouldered weapon and directly in the line of fire when the weapon discharged.


The youth was transported by ambulance to Bibb Medical Center in Centreville. Bibb County Coroner Patrick Turner said that the youth was deceased upon his arrival at the hospital. The death is expected to be ruled accidental upon the completion of the investigation. Names of parties and the victim have not been released while the investigation is ongoing.